A New Emerging Artist: Austin Alston

Ronald Episcopo is a BUZZ Art Blogger.  He is an awarding winning artist self represented at http://www.artbyronald.com.

A modern-day Jackson Pollack or Kandinsky living in Jacksonville?   Many compare the work of Austin Alston to both of these artists but he is unique artist creating works that dance across the canvas.   Austin is a self-taught artist who moved to Jacksonville 8 years ago.    An accidental happening brought him to the world of art.   He purchased a storage bin and found art supplies which opened the door to his passion for painting.  He’s inspired by the music he listens to while painting.   The music no matter the genre guides his brush to create aggressively active movements of what seem like tiny figures at times.   His style is developed by layering paints and then removing them in a precise surgical manner.   This highly guarded secret technique often impresses the viewer with the same comments “how did he do that?”

Austin Alston works can be seen at Stellers Gallery at  3139 Philips Highway or Blue Fish Restaurant at 3551 St. Johns Ave in Avondale.