Business Profile Balanced Healing of Jacksonville

Business Name: Balanced Healing of Jacksonville
First Name: Juliann
Last Name: Abecassis
Address: 8825 Perimeter Park Blvd #204
City: Jacksonville
State: FL
Zip: 32216

What type of business services do you offer? Integrative Health Consultations, Acupuncture, Acupuncture Injection Therapy, Contrast Hydro Therapy, Supplement Support, Healing from Toxin Exposures such as Mold

What role does social media play in your outreach? A large role. That is where we got most of our new clients.

What differentiates you from the competition? We treat our clients like family. We are there with them every step of the way. Our level of care is nearly impossible to find.

What is the biggest marketing challenge that you will face in the upcoming year? Financial – it’s very expensive to do online marketing.