Business Profile Hope4veterans INC

Business Name: Hope4veterans INC
First Name: Lynn
Last Name: Geiser
Address: 224 PALAZZO CIR
State: FL
Zip: 32092

What type of business services do you offer? Nonprofit Women Veteran and Children- Free Laptops, Financial assistance- Gift cards Grocery/ Gas Utilities, Baby Equipment, PEER2PEER Program

What role does social media play in your outreach? Awareness for Women Veteran Challenges and also helping guide with benefits.

What differentiates you from the competition? Women Veterans where we are trying to prevent suicide and homelessness by developing social connections/sisterhood bonding along with sister peer advocates.

What is the biggest marketing challenge that you will face in the upcoming year? Get the word out on fundraising events, April 3rd is our first one at 9 Ball Heaven in Jax and finding Peer2Peer to help our sisters in VA medical/resources/Va Claims, etc., providing the benefits they deserve.