Business Profile Neptune Beach Elementary

Business Name: Neptune Beach Elementary
First Name: Elizabeth
Last Name: Kavanagh
Address: 1515 Florida Blvd
City: Neptune Beach
State: FL
Zip: 32266

About Us: Elizabeth Kavanagh has been in Duval County public education for 30 years, currently serving as Principal of Neptune Beach Elementary School. NBE has a student population of 900 students and a staff of over 100. Education is Elizabeth’s life’s work and passion, finding her success in giving children the skills they will need to flourish as they move on in their educational and professional careers. “Good things are happening at this school and in this district. We strive for an atmosphere not only where students are excited to come to school, but where teachers are excited to come work with them.”
She also finds inspiration in the individual success of each special needs child and their families. NBE is home to one of the few special needs programs in the area. “A community has come together, motivated by these children.” Donations of Ipads, benefit concerts and incredible efforts of teachers merely scratch the surface of the efforts made to give these beautiful children every chance to grow and succeed.
Neptune Beach Elementary is an “A” school. Elizabeth has been Principal there for ten wonderful years.