Business Profile WINK to science + art

Business Name: WINK to science + art
First Name: Maggie
Last Name: Costello
Address: 109 Twelve Oaks Lane
City: Ponte Vedra Beach
State: FL
Zip: 32082

About Us: It is my mission with this clothing line ~ WINK to science and art ~ that the garments be made locally, by hand, in small amounts inspired by the macro scientific world with as much care and attention to detail that objects of good design receive when they can be appreciated as an art form.

Wink to science + art provides the opportunity for a buyer to wear something special that they were a part of designing and that gives back to the community. Having a unique background of design in architecture and a merchandise & production manager in fashion, I am combining these experiences with a life-long interest in sewing to develop Wink to science + art into a brand. For me, Wink is about a whole lot of things that are really important.

Firstly, Wink is a platform for evolving design inspired by the amazing and mostly not-seen-before world that we can now view through the work of scientists. Secondly, I envision through this creative process to ultimately achieve an expression of the everyday beauty of the wearer with a garment that is as comfortable to be in as it is lovely to look at. Wink’s customized design method brings the buyer and the designer close together and as I have often experienced working with clients this collaboration can be a really enjoyable part of the design process.