Brian Setzer Orchestra 14th Annual Christmas Rocks! Tour Review

Those lucky enough to experience Brian Setzer Orchestra’s Christmas Rocks! will be treated to almost two hours of infectious holiday jams and a couple of Setzer’s most popular hits. Supported by the Texas Gentleman, this show does not disappoint.

The Florida Theatre is the perfect venue for such a well designed but, not overbearing production. The attention to detail with the band’s attire and set arrangements make the show feel like Broadway. Setzer’s big band delivers their take on holiday classics and incorporate a couple changes to keep the night from going stale. “Boogie Woogie Christmas” and “Pennsylvania 6-5000” started off this high energy act. Mr. Setzer’s band offers great brass solos, superb backing vocalists and there is of course the amazing guitar skills of Brian Setzer himself. He picks and strums effortlessly, he never stops moving.

BSO’s enhanced version of “Stray Cat Strut” was definite highlight sending the audience into a frenzy. Setzer also played tribute to the dearly departed Tom Petty, covering “Running Down A Dream”, big band style. The night ends with a rockabilly set true to Setzer’s roots and a rendition of the “Nutcracker Suite”.

All in all this is a fun packed set with variety. With his tenure in the music business, Brian Setzer’s live show has withstood the test of time and the Christmas Rocks! Tour melds tradition with fun and flare. This is truly one of the best tours of the season.