Cassidy Lee

You might recognize Cassidy Lee, a 21-year-old Jacksonville native, from the Duval Divas or as the lead singer of South of Savannah. She plays everywhere from Whiskey Jax (both locations) to Mudville Grill to Farmer’s Markets out in the middle of nowhere to opening for the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at Jack Rabbits last year. Hopping on every opportunity she can, she makes her living being a local performer and although exhausting at times, her passion and love for music drives her.


Not only does Cassidy have a gorgeous exterior, her sweet personality and soft spokenness make her an all-around wonderful person. However, when she opens her mouth to sing, you’ll get goosebumps at the angelic notes that pour out. With a voice similar to a combination of Stevie Nicks mixed with the likes of Jewel and Miranda Lambert, she mimics her 90s alternative rock and country influences in a very unique way.


Cassidy’s late father was a huge key to drive to motivation and inspiration for music. From tagging along to every show he could, helping her with managment and motivating her from a young age to pursue her talent and make her dreams a reality, and essentially being Cassidy’s number one fan.


Coming up next for Cassidy is releasing her brand new EP in March of 2018. Working with other writers for lyrics and musicians to help bring her unique sound together. And after a long anticipated wait, she will finally be making the move to Nashville by next summer.


Before we lose this Jacksonville star to the great Music City, be sure to catch her at Cheers Park Avenue in Orange Park on December 29. Find out more at