Christian Pittman & Ian Poland’s album South Point

Christian Pittman and his cousin Ian Poland created their first original album South Point after years of playing music together. Up until their senior year of high school, the two participated in a separate band with other friends. When that band ended, it sparked the idea to make this project of their own original music. They wrote, recorded, sang, and played everything themselves. Christian was on vocals, guitar, and drums. Ian played bass, guitar, and keyboard. They released their first single, “Great Escape”, and then their second single “City Lights” shortly after. City Lights was added onto a popular playlist on Spotify and got them thousands of plays!

Now at 15,000 plays and 6,000 regular monthly listeners, South Point is becoming more and more popular. Christian shared that he loves writing music because of the poetry behind it. He likes writing songs that people listen to after having a rough day or when they want some feel-good music. The two felt they needed to create South Point because they have always played music and needed a solid project to work on. Find South Point and more of Christian Pittman and Ian Poland’s music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and more!