Buzz TV – “Legacy of Leaders” with Dana O. Davis, Province Realty Group

Buzz TV Host Alan Vinson is the owner of JT Vinson Clothiers in Jacksonville. Alan has over 20 years of experience making custom clothing and advising CEO’s, celebrities, attorneys, business executives, and all other kinds of entrepreneurs on what to wear and how to dress. Alan has two kids Brody age 21 and Jordin age 19, and loves to travel. Alan is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelors in Advertising and communications. Alan also serves on the Mayor’s Advisory Board for Film and Television. Spending his time equally between Jacksonville and Satellite Beach where he grew up, Alan’s work takes him all over the state working with some 1,200 clients from Miami to Pensacola. In addition, Alan acts as a consultant to other custom clothiers in technology and business development. Today, Alan talks to Dana Davis, of Province Realty Group. Province Realty Group is a Local Real Estate Brokerage firm offering unparalleled Realty services from two locations. The main office is situated in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville on the 25th Floor of the Bank of America bldg and the other office is located in Beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. The mission of the company is to enhance our communities One house at a time. Province Realty Group is strong in the community, having volunteered over 1000+ hours in a year, they’ve served over 1500 individuals with meals and clothing items, and having donated over 20% of the company’s net earnings to organizations and individuals. Province Realty Group is committed to adding value to our community by enhancing the buying power of prominent individuals, fortifying the foundation for home ownership, and maintaining a winning record within the luxury market. You can find their website at