St Augustine Amphitheatre

The St. Augustine Amphitheatre was built in 1965 to commemorate St. Augustine’s 400th Anniversary as our nation’s oldest permanent European settlement. The 16-acre section of Anastasia State Park that makes up the amphitheatre grounds includes an old quarry where coquina rock was obtained to build early St. Augustine homes and commercial buildings, as well as…

The Big Ticket 2017

The Lumineers SET LIST Submarines Flowers in Your Hair Ho Hey Cleopatra Gun Song Dead Sea Charlie Boy Slow It Down Sleep on the Floor Angela Ophelia Big Parade My Eyes Patience Walls (Circus) Stubborn Love New Politics SET LIST Everywhere I Go (Kings & Queens) Dignity Fall Into These Arms West End Kids Color…

Sports Medicine Moment: Common Knee Injuries – Meniscus Tear

Let’s take a mini break from talking about knee ligaments, and discuss another important structure of the knee; the MENISCUS also known as, knee cartilage and the shock absorbers. Our knees can take a constant pounding from running and jumping. The reason we don’t buckle and fall to the ground or have problems in other areas of our body such as the hip and back is because, the meniscus is able to absorb the force and prevent or decrease that force affecting any of the aforementioned body areas

Sports Medicine Moment: Common Ankle Injuries – Strains

As we round out this month’s topic, we discuss an injury to the muscles that move the ankle. First, let’s revisit what a strain is. A strain is an over-stretch of a muscle or tendon. Tendons connect muscle to bone. When a muscle is stretched beyond its capacity, the fibers that make up the muscle tear, causing a strain. The muscles that move the ankle are in the front, back, and outside of ankle. The muscles that are commonly strained in the ankle are the muscles on the lateral (outside) of the ankle. Those muscles are called the peroneals.

Sports Medicine Moment: Common Ankle Injuries – Lateral Ankle Sprain

So far, we’ve discussed cold weather injuries, common heart conditions, Athletic Training as a profession, and common foot injuries; relative to athletes and the physically active. We will continue with the lower body and discuss common injuries to the ankle. To begin things, probably the most common out of all the ankle injuries and arguably the most common injury in athletics, will be discussed. The ANKLE SPRAIN!!