Business Name: Rethreaded
First Name: REBEKAH
Last Name: SUWAK
State: FL
Zip: 32209

About Us : Rethreaded provides a second chance at life through employment for survivors of human trafficking in Jacksonville, Florida. Women have employment opportunities in different facets of the company including production, inventory, sales, marketing and finance/admin.
Over the history of Rethreaded, we’ve employed 40 women who are survivors of human trafficking. We’ve provided over 60,000 hours of work. 85% of survivors who come to Rethreaded never return to the trade. GLOBAL IMPACT: SUPPORTING FREEDOM BUSINESS PARTNERS Rethreaded also operates as a distribution company that sells products from like-minded businesses who also employ women who have found freedom from the sex trade. Through our Freedom Business Partners we’ve helped over 4,000 women. Over 10 companies, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, have supported our corporate line, Gifts of Hope. These companies have showcased the value of impacting the world for good and have helped change lives through their business.