Business Profile Changeover Divorce Transitions

Business Name: Changeover Divorce Transitions
First Name: Gail
Last Name: Nankervis
Address: 808 N. End Street
City: St. Augustine
State: FL
Zip: 32095

About Us: I am Gail Nankervis and my business was created to help as many people as possible through a difficult time, and to turn the divorce industry as we know it upside down!

At Changeover Divorce Transitions, I create an environment where the divorce process is not adversarial, financially confusing, or unreasonably costly. I believe that by providing thorough written financial analysis, recommended solutions, experienced mediation, and a shoulder to lean on, I can help turn fear and uncertainty into peace and confidence at an affordable price. I am committed to a kinder, gentler, Less Sucky Divorce process for all involved.