“The Jacksonville Buzz” with Glenn Ellison from The Parent Help Center

Welcome to the Jacksonville BUZZ, the newest lifestyle and entertainment guide on eating, drinking, playing and living it up in the Bold City. Expert hosts Adrienne Houghton and our Buzz Correspondent, Steve Strum are a delight to watch, treating viewers to fascinating guests, laugh-till-you-cry moments and insider tips on enhancing every aspect of your life on the First Coast. Today, Steve talks to Glenn Ellison from The Parent Help Center.

The Parent Help Center trains parents on how to change unwanted child behaviors. Those behaviors have taken away all the joy of being a parent. Most of the programs out there focus on the child and their behavior. That child learned the unwanted behavior from an environment that produced the unwanted behavior. The Parent Help Center works on changing the environment. They start with the home and the adult in the family. They believe a parent has the greatest responsibility in how a child turns out. It’s also so the toughest job on the planet. The Parent Help Center believes, it’s better to train a child than it is to change a child.
To learn more check out http://www.theparenthelpcenter.com