Still Surviving: Episode 11: T.E. Smiles

T.E. Smiles (Tina Robinson-Tisby) shares her story of overcoming child sexual abuse, betrayal, fear and forgiveness.

Still Surviving: Episode 1 – Lakesha Burton

0 Often when we represent a figure of authority, society makes the unfortunate assumption that we have it "all together". This week's guest Lakesha Burton is...

Still Surviving: Episode 4 – Shevonica Howell

0 Shevonica-Howell-Pic.png

Special Episode – Closure

0 Host Gigi Blackshear and guest Dr. Deborah Williams Eichelberger discuss the idea of Closure. What does it mean to truly have the often elusive...

Still Surviving – Episode 8: Dr. Shanna Monique Carter

Dr. Shanna Monique Carter gives us a glimpse inside a life of turmoil, betrayal and ultimately survival.

Still Surviving – Episode 6: Tony Wise

0 This week's guest Tony Wise is an extraordinary example of hope, resilience and determination. Tony shares with us his story of addiction, recovery and...

Still Surviving – Episode 5: Shennette Sparkes


Still Surviving: Episode 2 – Gee Girard

0 Gee Girard has become a symbol of strength, endurance, faith, and courage. Gee shares with us his journey through disease, enlightenment and coming to...