Community Focus – Florida Guarden ad Litem Program

The Florida Guardian ad Litem Program is a state program which is appointed by a court whenever a child is removed from a parent by the Department of Children and Families because a child was abused, neglected or abandoned and can’t be kept safe in their home. At the first court hearing the Judge appoints the program.

Their program assigns a volunteer and there job is to be a voice for the child and to advocate for the child’s best interest. They also become the person who is there for the child in all matters, to help them, and to fight for them.

The volunteer is invested in the child, connected to the community, trained by the program and most important passionate that they state unequivocally that “I am for the child”.

The vision: The Florida Guardian ad Litem Program will continue to be a powerful and effective voice advocating for the best interests of Florida’s abused, abandoned and neglected children and be recognized and respected as a partnership of community advocates and professional staff. To the fullest extent possible, this vision will be realized through volunteers who will advocate as Guardians ad Litem for the children they serve.