5 Practices That Can Help Prevent Shoulder Problems

Whatever work we do with our hands or arms, almost all of it is supported by our shoulders. They are vital to provide us the strength we need to perform our usual tasks, whether they involve an easy task as simply writing or complex ones like lifting heavy objects. We need this support all the time and since shoulders are extremely important to ensure smooth and independent running of our lives, it is almost tragic if they develop problems. This article will enunciate 5 practices that will help you have strong shoulders and to steer clear of shoulder problems.


  1. Start Slow

One of the most common factors leading to shoulder injuries is that we do not pay much heed to start an intense workout or any other activity right away. We get overenthusiastic to reap all the benefits of our exercise the first time we start it and end up going farther from fitness than we were before. Our body needs time to adjust to new activities. If we put too much pressure on ourselves in one go, we will have to face consequences which will not be very pleasant. When you start lifting or exercising, start from lighter activities and gradually, in weeks or months, work your way up to more hard-core moves. If you do not do this, you may be left with inflamed shoulder muscles which are painful.

  1. Get A Trainer

As pretentious as it may seem, getting a trainer should be your priority while working out or training for your game. You do not entirely know how your body works and what kind of training it needs for a specific purpose. Coaches and trainers are paid for their knowledge about this and they know better than you. If you are an athlete, your trainer will tell you how to throw or move with the ball in a more effective and safe way. Many injuries occur on the field because players are unaware of the technicalities of their body. Trainers also recommend a few yoga moves to keep your shoulders healthy. So, hire a trainer, follow what he says and you will be safe!

  1. Maintain Equilibrium

We focus on the areas of our shoulders that are visible to us in the mirror. Most of our focus is on the front muscles. However, we should give equal amount of attention to our back shoulder muscles because if we ignore them and only work on the front ones, they will develop imbalance leading to limited or hurtful movement of our shoulders. Look up balancing exercises on internet for your front and back shoulder muscles to strengthen them in equilibrium.

  1. Keep A Straight Posture

Our generation has an appalling problem of having a slouched posture. We sit in a way that moves our shoulders forward and with consistency in this sitting manner, we develop weak and slouched shoulders. This restricts their activity to a considerable amount. Therefore, keeping a straight and good posture will help you maintain healthy shoulders. Also, sitting up straight has numerous other benefits for you as well. So, it is a win-win situation.

  1. Listen To Your Body

Even if we are not an athlete or a regular gym person, we come across many instances in our daily lives where we need to use our shoulders to lift heavy objects, such as moving furniture, putting up the bottle on water dispenser, etc. Sometimes while doing this, we sprain or inflame our shoulder joints lightly but since the discomfort or pain is not excruciating, we ignore it. The problem stays there and when some other physical activity is done, the condition worsens. Hence, we should not neglect what our body is telling us and get ourselves checked when even a little pain is being experienced.

To conclude, keep your shoulders safe, healthy and working by following the aforementioned tips. For more information click here.


Author Bio:

James Crook is a passionate health and fitness blogger. Currently, he is a working as a blogger for Dr. Joe Wilson, Shoulder Specialist NC. Follow @jamescrook911 for more updates.