A Christmas Miracle by A Good Man

December 24, 2019 A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA— December 24, 2019 — Taking a break from fulfilling his own families’ Christmas wish lists, Tony Goodman ,Defensive Back for the Jacksonville Sharks set aside time and resources to make sure complete strangers have a wonderful holiday season. Whether it was making sure no one went hungry to setting up a magical experience for a family that needed it the most, Goodman left several people with endless smiles and joyful tears. Earlier this year Tony Goodman was introduced to TDH Christian Academy from Boys to Men Mentoring program. For him this was just the start of giving back to his local community. Christmas Eve a local Jacksonville family received a Christmas Miracle sponsored by Tony Goodman. The family had no idea Mr.Goodman had selected them and what was to come. Around 1pm Tony Goodman arrived to the Eastside of Jacksonville, surprising a family of 10 with everything that was on their Christmas wish list and more.  “This is a huge burden lifted off my shoulders,” Jackson said. “I was just so emotional.” The mother went on to explain how grateful she was for Goodman selecting her family because she has recently been hospitalized and unable to do birthday shopping or Christmas shopping for her family. However, Goodman didn’t leave any detail out not only was this a Christmas Miracle, he made sure Ms. Jackson’s daughter birthday (also on Christmas) was celebrated as well, prior to leaving they sung Happy Birthday and she opened a birthday gift.  “Just can’t imagine what the mother was going through, after hearing her story I knew I had to do something. Being able to see the excitement and tears of joy on their face is the ultimate gift and the real meaning of Christmas. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m thankful I was in a position to help”. ~ Tony Goodman- JaxSharks Defensive Back For more information, press only:PR Contact Name: TheOpulence Firm 904.250.7459 [email protected]