Do You Know the Murals of Jacksonville?

Ronald Episcopo is a BUZZ Art Blogger.  He is an awarding winning artist self represented at

IF you don’t know what the Murals of Jacksonville are, then you’ll need to get out and tour these works of art that are creating a real BUZZ in the art world and beautifying our city.

Jessica Santiago, President of Art Republic, is passionate about making Jacksonville an international art destination.   In November of 2016 something very unique happened in the Urban Core of Jacksonville.   It was a mission to establish this downtown area as a “nationally-recognized Art District”.   Jessica’s believes that art can bring an economic boom to Jacksonville and also unify the community by elevating the creative spirit and raising the consciousness of the city through the universal language of art.

She and her team invited an international team of artist including: Case Maclaim, Reka, Phlegm, Kenor, Astro, Jason Woodside, INO, Guido van Helten, Borondo, René Romero Schuler, and Nico Holderbaum to create Murals in this Urban Core.

Jacksonville is a hidden gem of unique artistic express with art abounding in the downtown core.  Many new galleries are opening like the Wall Street Fine Art Gallery.   Citizens of Jacksonville aren’t aware of how the city has been enriched by this movement and pass by these magnificent works of art without any knowledge of the change they have brought.  Yet Jacksonville is becoming a destination for the art community both nationally and internationally.

This November, ART REPUBLIC will continue to expand with more murals and artistic expression through fashion, art and music.

To view all the murals and their location please visit.