fivealivefilmstomsprintingGraphicrevBusiness Name: FILMMAKER: DIRECTOR/WRITER Gerald Jackson, Jr. // FIVE ALIVE FILMS
First Name: Gerald
Last Name: Jackson
Website: //
Address: 12537 Percy Lane
City: Jacksonville
State: FL
Zip: 32218

About Us: Gerald Jackson, Jr. was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, with a huge passion for filmmaking. After graduating from the University of North Florida with a degree in Broadcast/Film, he assisted in the production of the television series “Safe Harbor,” as well as acted in Joel Schumacher’s “Tigerland.” Afterwards, he attended and graduated from New York City’s Columbia University with a degree in Film Studies. In 2002, Gerald was accepted into the Florida State University Motion Picture Conservatory, where he produced the film Coochie (2004) starring the prolific actress Tyra Ferrell. He graduated in August, 2004 with a Masters in Film Production.

Upon returning to Jacksonville, Florida, Gerald taught film studies at a local college, scripted features, and participated in productions. Gerald’s music video directorial debut, “Jumping Waves” for the band Tracy Shedd was a finalist in the 2007 Tuscon Music Melee Music Video Competition. In 2013, his video ‘Amazingly’ for singer Rob Mercer won the BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the 2013 DMV Christian Music Awards.

Five Alive Films, his production company based out of Jacksonville, Florida, continues to be successful. He has worked with NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR Brenda Jackson, creating numerous book trailers for her novels. In 2009, it was decided that TRULY EVERLASTING, one of Ms. Jackson’s most popular books would be turned into a feature film. After a year of pre-production, filming, and editing, the film premiered in 2011 and became instantly successful. The project was picked up for distribution by Warner Brothers Pictures and has recently completed a successful run on the online streaming service NETFLIX.

Regardless of these accomplishments, he continues to press forward with the hopes to direct more films and television productions, continue with his writing, apply for creative grants, and be a creative asset to any motion picture.