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 Diane Faulkner
 Diane Faulkner
9564 Glenn Abbey Way
 Jacksonville, FL 32256

 Diane Faulkner is an award-winning freelance business book ghostwriter, content marketing writer, and editor with nearly twenty years’ experience who is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

As a ghostwriter, editor, and proofreader for traditional and customer publishing houses, she has covered topics such as leadership, thought leadership, generational leadership, labor law, corporate culture, HR technology, and management technology, as well as other topics including health, women’s health, transportation, lodging design, insurance, education finance, and the business of coffee.

She’s written thousands of articles for news outlets (e.g. The Business Journal), leading magazines (e.g. Forbes) and trade journals (e.g. The Federal Credit Union), companies (e.g. ADP Total Source), as well as websites (e.g. Blue Cross & Blue Shield’s GuideWell).

Some of her clients include ADP, Forbes, CoffeeNetwork, CommodityNetwork, Human Resource Executive Magazine, HR Professionals Magazine, The Conference Board Review, among others.

Thinking about writing a book or need content for your corporate website? Contact Diane about your next writing or editing project. Diane can be reached by email at [email protected]. You can also call or text 904-712-0220 (Eastern Standard Time), or click on Contact Me on her website to set up a free 30-minute consultation.