Business Profile Open House Optics 3D Photography & Drone

Business Name: Open House Optics 3D Photography & Drone
First Name: Tina
Last Name: Casto
Address: 4255 US 1 S, Suite 118 #224
City: St Augustine
State: FL
Zip: 32086

About Us: Our company provides premium photography & marketing solutions for hundreds of Realtors, Homeowners and Businesses in North Florida with a focus on affordability. Open House Optics has its roots in the real estate business as Tina is a former multi-million dollar producing Realtor. I founded the business because I realized how effective 3D marketing could be for the industry but saw that it was unaffordable to all but the most affluent customer and I knew I could change that. Open House Optics was voted as one of St Augustine’s best photographers for 2018 in the St Augustine Record in our first year in business and we’ve grown from inception to serving more than 200 agents and sellers in Northeast Florida in just two short years. I attribute our accelerated growth in large part to the breadth of services we offer as well as our consistency, customer service and the raving fans we create who refer us new business almost daily. Try Open House Optics 3D Photography and Drone, we will help you “Be Seen Differently”.