Buzz On Veterans Interview Series Launches February 1st

When I was approached by Buzz Magazine founder Mike White to highlight veterans and their incredible stories I was both honored and humbled. Having served in the military and deployed to Iraq in 2006 I understood the obstacles and issues faced by our nation’s heroes. Interviewing some of Jacksonville’s most dynamic emerging veteran owned and veteran-focused companies brought me personal satisfaction that writing for other publications has merely not produced. For instance, I have written for the world’s largest business publications, publications that my peers admire and aspire to write for such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Business Journals, and The Huffington Post among others. Although writing for those publications is rewarding I discovered that The Buzz is a perfect outlet to focus and cover veterans that are making a difference in our ecosystem.

For instance, my company in partnership with several veteran concentrated businesses partnered to provide free breakfast to veterans at the downtown veteran hospital. No better place to highlight events like that than in because The Buzz is a publication that cares more about impact than clicks. At my local church, I was approached by a lovely member that shared that she loved our Buzz On Veterans segments and that she found her new repairman from one of my recent interviews. I also get asked by veterans who are eager to share their business with our expanding audience if we still do the Buzz On Veterans segments. Unfortunately, due to the catastrophic storm, Buzz Media is in the process of rebuilding the studio and retooling our segment.

As Buzz Magazine rebuilds the studio, we will, however, continue to feature veterans and their businesses through the website’s blog. If you know any veterans interested in being highlighted email me at [email protected] in addition to highlighting their business I will personally provide strategies that will help their business maximize their media opportunity.

My first written interview will feature Isaac Belden founder of 12B Capital. In Isaac’s interview, he will share his journey to entrepreneurship from military service and provide his greatest tips that help businesses get funded.

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Jeff Shuford is a nationally syndicated columnist, award-winning technology expert, and a decorated Iraq War Veteran. Shuford became one of the youngest nationally syndicated writers in America at age 30 and contributes articles that reach 1.4 million newspaper subscribers in 44 regions weekly. A regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Huffington Post, Shuford's passion for producing captivating content extends far past his columns in prestigious publications. Shuford's Forbes article titled “Nine Unique Ways To Brand Yourself As A Thought Leader,” was named by LinkedIn Business as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Articles Among Recruiters in 2017. In addition to Shuford's LinkedIn Business honor, his piece was also named as an Editors Pick and the most viewed and shared article from the Forbes Coaches Council of 2017. Bestowed the Community of Heroes Award by the DAV, Shuford's innovative leadership and passion for helping veterans led his company also to be named the Best Veteran Tech Startup of 2016 by The Huffington Post. In addition to that honor, the Huffington Post later named Shuford number one on the list of the Top 5 Emerging Veteran Tech Founders of 2017. Shuford's dedication to STEM is evident in his technological achievements. Shuford also recently led his technology company to win a 2017 BizTech Award presented by The Jacksonville Business Journal for their work developing, deploying, and successfully marketing the self-funded Vets 22 app. Considered an expert thought leader and influencer in public relations Shuford has also positioned his brands to be featured in publications such as Sports Illustrated, Forbes Sports Money, NFL Network, The Jacksonville Business Journal, The Huffington Post, ForbesCouncils, WJCT, WJXT, and Entrepreneur Magazine among others. Shuford served with the U.S. Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-07 and earned a Combat Action Badge for his heroic efforts at age 19.