Easter Livestreaming Service

Right now, it feels like there isn’t much to celebrate. Everyone’s holed up at home. Our jobs, or education, or favorite past times have been affected. Everything seems to be upside down. When you stop and look at the world around us, it feels like we’re losing, especially as people continue getting sick, and even dying of this terrible disease. And yet, right now, you possess a thrill of victory like nothing else can give! Join us for Victory Lutheran Church’s Easter Sunday worship livestream, at 10:30am on Easter morning, and rejoice in the fact that through Christ’s empty tomb, we are victorious over death; victorious over sin; victorious over every trouble that the world can throw at us. While our church seats might be empty, so is Christ’s tomb! You can access the livestream of our worship service on our Facebook page, “Victory Lutheran Church” and on our website: victorylutheran.org. Come and celebrate Victory through Christ, with Victory in Jax! Call 904-642-8900 for more details. Like us on Facebook!