310 Lakeside, downtown Orlando provided fine food and views on our road trip










Road trips have always been a treat, especially where food is the focus. Our recent foray into downtown Orlando proved once again it’s worth the drive. One of our favorite spots, 310 Restaurants on Pine Street. With a centralized and walkable location, there is no reason not to stop here.

Patio view
Outside seating best view in the house

The weather almost always cooperates in O’Town, so no reason not to sit outside. Service is what one would expect of a restaurant with a “Best of”tag on their name. Our server was engaging and informative. Here’s a look at what we sampled and just how much we liked each dish.

First, up the Tuna Poke, the fresh and tight presentation had us licking our lips when it arrived. A mixture of Ahi Tuna, diced avocado, shaved radish, cucumber, arugula, sesame seeds, and plantain chips. One could feel the freshness of this offering just by appearance. Layers of flavor and texture made it an outstanding choice.

Tuna Poke
Tuna Poke

We followed up with a delicate Baked Brie, accompanied by candied apple, roasted garlic, and bacon jam with hardy slices of Tuscan bread perfect for cheese pulling and bacon jam. After a heated discussion and one hold out, this order was voted the favorite of the night.

Baked Brie
Baked Brie

Next up the Crab Cakes. House-made lump crab cake, roasted garlic chipotle aioli, and fried cilantro. Upon arrival, the cakes looked more like towers, but it mattered not what the shape was once we dug in. The crab was fresh and sweet, and we appreciated the kitchen staff for keeping it shell-free.

Crabe Cakes
Crab Cakes

We finished off our adventure with the Black and Bleu Flatbread. A combination of caramelized beef tips, bleu cheese, shredded mozzarella, crispy fried onions, and horsey sauce. The Flatbread may have been our least favorite of all our selections, the flavors indeed prevailed, but the flatbread texture and lack of character left us flat.

Black and Blue Flatbread
Black and Bleu Flatbread

310 Lakeside is certainly worth a visit next time you think Orlando may be in  you plans. We give it two thumbs up.