Home & Garden TV with Missy Kampmeyer from Cady Team

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Today Wally sat down with Missy Kempmeyer from Cady Team. The Cady Team is a small SEAL team of realtors in Jacksonville, FL. They specialize in residential real estate with both buyers and sellers. Cady Team focuses on social media and community events to sell their homes never using outdated real estate “techniques.” They listen to clients and provide an unparalleled level of service to get them to the closing table as smoothly as possible. Cady Team never makes clients sign a loyalty agreement. To them, that is not a way to build trust. Instead, they focus on giving them the best experience possible in the hopes they choose to work with them. Cady Team knows there are tons of agents out there they can give their business to, and they strive to create raving fans that come back again and again.