J.T. Vinson Clothiers – Accessory Tips

Accessories aren’t just for women, but men, too! Here are some tips on keeping leather goods looking new and proper sock height!

Belts and Leather Goods

  • Like shoes, all leather collects moisture.  It is the natural enemy of leather goods.  Permit them to air-dry thoroughly prior to returning them to the drawer or closet.
  • Remember to always coordinate the color of leather shoes to belts or suspenders.
  • Do not wear the same belt on consecutive days.  It will crack the lining and may ruin its appearance.

Socks and Underwear

  • Quality over-the-calf socks are recommended.  They are the best way to improve the look of the trouser, and they remain in place best.
  • Boxers versus briefs?  I won’t even touch that one.  You should know by now what you like!