J.T. Vinson – What is a men’s clothier?


There sure are a lot of ways to say “men’s clothing store.” There’s men’s store, men’s clothing, men’s attire, men’s dresswear, men’s suiting, etc. But what you don’t see very often, and maybe you’ve only seen it with select companies; definitely a men’s clothier.

There is certainly a difference. A true men’s clothier will always ensure that his/her clients get exactly what they wanted when they set out in the process. That they will always go the extra mile and overdeliver on their client’s needs. They will be right there with them during the entire process of buying clothes. A clothing salesperson, on the other hand, is there to make a sale and that’s all.

This distinction is extremely important in the growing realm of men’s custom clothing. Specifically, with bespoke suiting, where there are often second fittings and minor adjustments included, you want a clothier who understands every single step of the process inside and out and can guide you appropriately along the way. You should feel confident that they won’t cut corners or take tailoring shortcuts at your expense. A clothier is focused first and foremost on the client’s experience. The product sold becomes a natural outcome of this effort. From a business perspective, clothiers believe that it’s a safe bet that if your experience was excellent and your needs delivered on – and you had fun throughout the process – then you’ll likely be back again.

So, whether you shop with us or someone else, be sure you ask them: Are you a clothier?

It’s time to discover the difference custom clothing can make in how you look and feel. Let’s get started, schedule an appointment.

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