Sunscreen Tips for Hot Summer Months

There always seems to be sunscreen studies showing products that are good for us, bad for us, too many chemicals and not enough protection. So the best way to avoid a burn are somewhat obvious but certainly effective, such as find or make the shade, cover up with clothing, wear a hat and sunglasses to protect the face and eyes, check the UV index, and plan around the sun by going outside early or later in the day, and whatever sunscreen you choose…wear it!

If you want a sunscreen education visit It’s loaded with research and information. One helpful tip was buy 30 SPF. A sunscreen with 50 SPF is not better because we often we rely too much on that number by assuming it protects us longer. That isn’t necessarily true. And the protection for the same amount of time is negligible.

We like Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Mineral Kids and Mustela High Protection Sun Lotion. You can feel good applying these natural sunscreens to your little ones this summer with good ingredients like zinc, titanium dioxide and aloe vera. Enjoy your summer weather without the burn!