Aardwolf Brewing Turns 4 with Anniversary Party Sept. 16

Linda Johnson is a BUZZ Contributing Writer (beer!) and founder of the beer and travel website, BrewNymph.com, covering all things Florida beer from news to events. She is the first female Level 2 Certified Cicerone® in the Jax area, one of six in the metro area, and the only Level 2-certified independent beer writer in the state.

It  may have been delayed by a week (thanks, Irma), but that probably only made the anticipation build for the 4th Anniversary Party at Aardwolf Brewing Company.  With hourly tappings of around four beers scheduled from 2pm through 8pm on Saturday, September 16, the local craft beer crowd will find unique small-batch beers brewed by the popular San Marco brewery. Although a tap list was previously published in advance of the original party scheduled for a week ago, the brewery has indicated via social media that it will provide an updated list before the doors open on Saturday at 2pm. However, if the prior list is any indication, expect hourly tappings to include IPAs, sours, Berliner Weisses, and Imperial Stouts. The Anniversary Ale is a Rye Barleywine. A special anniversary glass will be available for $6, which includes the first 6-ounce pour of beer.

In Aardwolf’s four year history, it has earned ten competition medals, including a Gold earlier this year at Best Florida Beer Championships for its Belgian Pale Ale, along with a Silver for its Cherry Lovely barrel-aged Sour. It also earned a Bronze at Great American Beer Festival in 2015 for the Belgian Pale Ale.  The brewery building was home to a municipal ice plant dating back to the 1920’s and then a tile factory. The tap room features the brick wall from the ice plant days. For those wondering about the name, the “aardwolf” is an insectivorous, nocturnal mammal native to Africa. The name means “earth wolf,” or as the brewery explains it, “humulus lupulus,” for a hoppy beer connection. You can find the brewery mascot, Alvin, watching over the tap room from his stand behind the bar. Alvin is known to dress in costumes for holidays. While Aardwolf may possibly be best known for its sours, barrel-aged, and Belgian beers, it also offers beer styles to suit any palate, including a pilsner, lagers, IPAs, and stouts.

Aardwolf Brewing is located at 1641 Hendricks Ave.


Linda Johnson, Certified Cicerone®