Cultural Fusion selects “Bridges” as its new theme.

Cultural Fusion is a group that promotes collaboration among area cultural organizations and artists. Over the last ten years, it has promoted themes to help coalesce creative efforts around an idea or issue that is meaningful to our community.
To facilitate action, the group selected a Steering Committee—drawn from a number of local arts, cultural and service organizations—including Jim Alabiso, Steffani Fletcher, John Poage, Eduardo Santos and Ed Malesky. They gathered input and concepts from Cultural Fusion meetings and selected “Bridges” as a theme for upcoming community projects and programs.
At a recent meeting, Jim Alabiso explained how this theme reflects many aspects of community life, from physical bridges bringing neighboring communities together, to metaphorical bridges fostering understanding among diverse groups, and bridging from our shared past into the future. Cultural Fusion attendees enthusiastically accepted the theme and began planning collaborative events for the 12-18 months. All arts and cultural groups are encouraged to attend Cultural Fusion meetings and engage with potential collaboration partners. Meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday at 12PM. Locations vary, so visit our Facebook page to get information on upcoming meetings.

Author: Ed Malesky