Peace of Heart Community – A Place of Love

This is a home for women who are beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside.

Peace of Heart Community is an innovative group home experience for women with autism.  This Ponte Vedra community is planning for the future by becoming change masters through innovation to serve those with autism.  We are all well aware of the “tsunami” of children soon to become adults in our nation, and these individuals need services now, as well as 5, 10, and 20 years from now.  The vision of Peace of Heart is to permit women access to a customized living experience that meets their needs in a humane, loving and beautiful way.


What differentiates Peace of Heart from other group homes is their holistic approach.  Through its personalized focus on the health of the individual (body, mind and spirit), Peace of Heart is a true gamechanger in the field of assisted living in the state of Florida.  Says founder Amy Groshell, “This is why we are building Peace of Heart Community. It is not the physical building that makes the community (though we need it for life to happen)…it is the heart of the person with autism that makes our community a better place to be!”


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About the author: Ann O’Keeffe Rodgers is a wife, mother, and education professional.  She is co-founder of Hope Springs Florida, a nonprofit vetrepreneurship, focused on serving families with special needs children, including autism.