New arrivals at Pieology Pizza plant based protein

The folks from Pieology recently invited me to come and try the new plant-based protein toppings.  In an attempt to make a healthier but equally tasty pizza. Pieology is taking a bold step toward expanding pizza further into the healthy category by becoming the first fast-casual pizza brand to offer customers not just one, but three new “meat” toppings made of high-quality plant proteins that taste and look just like the real deal. For this writer, they hit the mark.

Upon entry, I was greeted by several friendly faces.  Behind the counter, Austin walked me through the process and introduced me the new offerings. I selected my choice of crust then was asked if I would like a mix of olive oil and garlic brushed on top, I was already in love with this pie. I am less is more pizza eater, so my topping choices were black olives,  the plant-based meatball, and spicy sausage. I passed on the chicken offering. My pieologist assembled the beautiful pie, slid the peel under like the expert he is and into the oven it went.

Here is the finished product, bubble, aromatic and ready to be devoured. The first bite was testing a sausage slice it was spicy as described on the menu the texture was palatable, and when eaten as with the pie I doubt one would know the difference. I liked the fact it was not greasy.  Same for the meatball, well flavored tasty little clusters of flavor.

I had selected the thin original crust that was crisp bready but not too much with brown edges. They do offer a variety of crusts, and if you are serious about eating healthy, there is a cauliflower crust just for you.

And if you are not a pie fan fresh salads are available, unlimited ingredients all for one price. Being the bold person I am I asked the person sitting next to me if I could take a picture of their salad, they gladly obliged. Look at this beauty!

Overall I would give the pizza here at Pieology high marks. Bright location, friendly, knowledgeable staff, fresh ingredients. There are three locations in Jacksonville to serve you so get out there and enjoy a pie or salad or both.