NewThings Worth Eating, Drinking + Sharing at Hawkers 5 Points

I’m so excited to share these updates and cool changes that have occurred at Hawkers in 5 Points. Space has reopened, and ready here are a few very noticeable changes.

Cooler Space:

  • FULL LIQUOR bar is officially on deck. The 5 Points location now has access to a full liquor bar, including a curated cocktail menu with drinks featuring Hip Hop-inspired names including That’s My Bag, Gin Rickshaw  Jungle Bird Tiki, Do You Love Me, Chinese Fire Drill and Malaysian Mule
  • New AC system! – They have replaced the entire A/C system. Bring your parka.

More Space:

Approximately 1,000 square feet of space has been added with 40 additional seats

  • The new and improved bar wraps around the dining room and offers more seating.

 Hipper Space: 

It was already hip, right? A custom-made poster wall made up of more than 300 posters has been installed — it resembles the kind of wheat-pasted posters you would see on the streets of Asia

  • A custom mural by local Jax mural artist, Shaun Thurston is on display
  • Neon lights! Six custom neons have been added.

If you loved it before, this is way cooler now.  Here’s some of the lineup

Chinese Fire Drill
Chinese Fire Drill
Gin Rickshaw and 78 Jungle Bird Tiki
Gin Rickshaw and 78 Jungle Bird Tiki


Malaysian Mule
Malaysian Mule
That's my Bag Baby
That’s my Bag Baby