Lechonera El Coquí

Owner Interview with Harold and Laurie

What is Lechonera El Coquí? 

Lechonera El Coquí is a traditional lechonera; a restaurant, bar, and club combined.

When did you start this business? 

We started this business a year ago. This is our second year in this industry.

Why did you decide to join this industry?

We felt that most Hispanic restaurants specialize in Cuban cuisine and Dominican cuisine. Very few businesses offer traditional Puerto Rican food. And I know that a lot of Puerto Ricans would like the option of having food from home without having to travel all the way back to Puerto Rico for it.

Lechonera El Coquí specializes in Puerto Rican food specifically?

We do, we serve traditional Puerto Rican dishes. We offer a traditional lechonera where a few of our servers serve typical plates like rice and beans, beef stew, roasted pork, etc. We also have a menu where customers can order more specialized dishes.

Is Jacksonville is your new location?

Yes, we have relocated to 3620 Blanding Boulevard in Jacksonville. Most of our customers are from Jacksonville, so we wanted to make the drive a lot shorter for them!

How does a business like yours market itself to grow/expand?

We let the customers, the food, and the Lechonera El Coquí experience speak for itself! We have a Facebook page and utilize word-of-mouth. We’re very hands-on owners, so our customers know us and what we’re trying to do here. It’s like a big family. And when they leave they tell their friends, it’s like a cycle.

What is unique about your business?

All of our dishes are hand-crafted and authentic. We create the pique and the mayo-ketchup in house. Our meals are created with flavors found in Puerto Rico. We have something for everyone. We have days that specifically cater to families, we turn into a nightclub and bar for those looking to enjoy a night out, and we are also a venue for a few exciting events coming up.

What events do you host?

We host events such as parties and gatherings. We’ve got a large party lined up as well as a concert.

Do you serve any local liquors or brews?

We have a collection of liquors from Puerto Rico. We have a whole shelf full of various flavors of rum and tequila.


When customers are having a really good time at your business, what are they doing?

Eating, socializing!

What does your staff enjoy about working here?

They get to meet new people while working in a relaxing and fun environment.

Phone: 904-432-7545
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.facebook.com/lechoneraelcoqui/
Address: 3620 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207