Zodiac Bar and Grill

What has made Zodiac Bar and Grill so successful in the Downtown area?

We are one of the only restaurant’s that serves a fresh buffet everyday from scratch. I also think that being open for 17 years in the same area has lead us to out success. In this area it’s not common to find a Mediterranean and Greek cuisine restaurant that also serves American cuisine as well.


What is your most famous drink and food item?

The Zodiac punch is one of most popular drink because it has a mix of so many different vodkas with different flavors. It includes pineapple, peach, cranberry and coconut flavored vodkas, as well as OJ, pineapple and cranberry juice. For our food item it would definitely be the grilled chicken Greek salad. We sell about 50 of them a day and always have people telling us it one of the best things on the menu.


What has helped you gain the regulars you have and what type of costumers do you serve?

 What helps us gain our regulars is that we try very hard to remember everyone’s orders so the next time they come in they feel special here. It seems like it would be a challenge but coming from a person who loves people it’s an honor to do it. We even cater events and hold private events in our restaurant as well. Helping my costumers have the best experience every time is the ultimate goal. On a typical day we usually get lawyers, judges, and people just popping in for their lunch breaks. I love all of my costumers but I would really love to see more families’ come in and people who enjoy food from different cultures. Since we are a family owned business it would be great to bring in residential people in the evening for dinner.


Why did you choose this industry and how has your background helped you to thrive?

My husband is an amazing cook and puts every once of effort into preparing fresh home cooked meals for people to come and enjoy in our restaurant. He had a family restaurant growing up and he loved it. He was always great at talking to people and making them feel special. He was born in Jordan and came to America 28 years ago to pursue his dreams. He takes pride in helping others and the food industry is what he and I both love.