OP Kids Fest 2017

Upon arrival at Orange Park’s Kids Fest, I was swarmed with kind people and the aroma of good food. The event was filled with interesting booths and multiple activities for both kids and adults. You could even hear the music from Miss Marie’s Kids, who took turns singing songs they spent hours rehearsing.

All of the booths were extremely interesting and filled with fun for all, but the booths that really caught my eye were the “Livin’ The Dream Sand Creations” and “WaterVentures.”

“Livin’ The Dream Sand Creations” allowed parents and children to make a creation in the sand and with the added magic of Terry Astry and Steve Smith, the owners of Livin’ The Dream Sand Creations. When done, they allowed you to take home your fine artwork for all to enjoy!

“WaterVentures” was a 53 foot semi-trailer mobile science lab that educated kids on the importance of water conservation and gave exciting information on Florida’s ecosystem.

Although the festival has passed, keep in touch for next year’s OP Kids Fest.