San Marco Theatre

What do you want people to know about your business?

We are so excited that we now have two screens to play films on! We can now show many more films throughout the year. It is exciting for us because we love seeing families come in and enjoy the shows being put on. We always play updated movies during the week; one for matinee hours and one for an evening show. However, on the weekends, we have two matinée and evening shows which allows our customers to have more options.


What types of food do your theatre offer?

We always have candy to snack on, as well has popcorn. No movie theatre is complete without it! We also offer pizza, nachos, paninis, and hotdogs. You name it, we have it. For drink options we have soft drinks, as well as beer and wine. We sell these items all year round so don’t worry, you’ll have a glass of wine waiting for you when you get here.



How do people find out about your business?
Our website is a great place to learn all the information. It’s laid out to give people easy access. We also use social media and send emails out to people to inform them on upcoming events and movies.


What separates your theatre from the others chain theaters in the area?

It’s in a very unique location in San Marco and we have a lot of history here. The theatre opened up in 1938 and has been here ever since. This has made us very successful because some people want to come get away from those big movie theatres with all the crowds and just relax in a family environment.


How did you get into this industry?       

It was a unique opportunity for my wife and I, and it is always changing. I enjoy interacting with the families that come in; everyone is always kind and seems to really enjoy our old-school vibe with a twist of modern style.