The Jacksonville Buzz with Sakai Maurice Dozier of Vernacular Games LLC

Each week on The Jacksonville Buzz our hosts, Adrienne Houghton and Tom Reber, sits down with some of the brightest and most entertaining guests you can find on the First Coast to discuss what’s buzzing in the Bold City. Today, Adrienne and Tom talk with Sakai Maurice Dozier of Vernacular Games LLC.

Short company description:

We are an Independent multimedia entertainment company with a focus on digital and physical games as well as supporting media, such as comics and storybooks.

What Is Your Why?:

It is my belief that every human is a work of art in progress. In that light, I wish to aid in the creation of their canvases and acquisition of life shaping tools.

To this end, Vernacular Games is a company made with the intent of investing in and growing new talents in the video game industry

How Did You Get Started In Your Field or Work?:


What’s the biggest change in Jacksonville that you’ve seen since you moved here?:

The homeless population seems to have waned in the Westside, and the police presence has grown since I arrived.

What’s One Thing We Should Know That Makes Your Company Unique?:

We are entirely bootstrapped. All that we’ve done, we’ve done on our own dimes as part time warriors.

What Are Your Biggest Goals in the Next 6 to 12 Months for Your Business?:

In the next 6 months I want to release at least 4 different Micro Games, Double our Revenue, and increase our overall exposure in both the net and the real world.

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