The Law Office of Michael Stanski

Michael Stanski 

The Law Office of Michael Stanski

4495-304 Roosevelt Blvd.

Unit 509

Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone: (904)370-3483

Email: [email protected]


Q: What brought you to Jacksonville?

A: My wife is from Jacksonville around the Ponte Vedra area. I also attended law school here too.

Q: Where did you attend law school?

A: I went to law school at the Florida Coastal School of Law.

Q: What is your specific area of law?

A: I usually represent military members and veterans with divorce cases and anything dealing with military or federal law.

Q: How do most people hear about your firm?

A: Most people hear about my firm through past clients, other attorney’s, and also through the community.

Q: How do you set yourself apart from other firms in the area?

A: I practice a unique type of law so not a lot of other firms provide what I can provide so the competition is at a minimum.

Q: Tell me about your greatest challenges so far.

A: A challenge for me would be people not knowing about my firm. A lot of people go to other firms looking for what I can provide and are often turned down not knowing that I can help them.

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment as an attorney?

A: Personally, the greatest accomplishment is being an outlet for people and helping them in a very important way.

Q: In 5 years where do you see your business?

A: In 5 years, I would like to see my firm become more statewide. I don’t see myself expanding the firm very much except hiring a few paralegals. I have a few out of state clients right now but in 5 years I would like to have a lot more.