The new and improved Derby House Diner is now open

Well, we made it to the updated Derby House Diner, and we agreed on the improvements, most notably the outside bar seating area. It’s it a brighter, cozier space with covered chairs, for dining or just lounging on the couches for cocktails and bites with your friends complete with a big screen TV. Inside new dining tables and chairs plus comfortable booths covered in old fashioned turquoise and grey upholstery lining the wall.

The menu is diner fare, yet very versatile, the guest has the choice to select healthy options or in true diner style, eat a greasy but oh so satisfying Patty Melts or Reubin Sandwich. We covered all our options when it came to ordering.

The Tomato Bisque was one of our first choices, made with fire roasted tomatoes and goat cheese, a simple dish but a rich and satisfying offering.

The Derby Steak and Fries with Kale salad, a total treat and somewhat more upscale, was delicious. The steak was tender and cooked as requested, crispy fries plus the tasty Kale side was well received.

Two of us decided to go full decadent, one order of Grilled Reuben with fries plus an amazing Flat Top Burger loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and pickles. This burger can be ordered as a single, double or triple, piled high with crispy fries.









We could not pass up the Fried Deviled Eggs or the Broccoli Chick Pea Fritter. The egg was a fried potato croquette, with a pickled parmesan onion on avocado mayo, unusual and indeed a new twist on the plain deviled eggs to which we have become accustomed.














Our last choice was a well-developed Cat Fish Po’Boy, large pieces of battered Cat Fish nested between a fresh soft sourdough hoagie generously dressed in lettuce, tomato, and a pickle malt vinegar aioli, served with a side of tasty mixed fruit. Devine.

We gave high marks to every dish we sampled, taste, execution, and appearance was spot on with every plate. Brunch will be available starting July 6th; I will be planning my next visit around that date.