“5 Minute Salute” with Ryan Bauman of Our Community Salutes U.S.A.

Each week on “5 Minute Salute” our host Shawn Welsh talks to veterans making a difference in their communities. Today, Shawn has the honor to speak with Ryan Bauman of Our Community Salutes U.S.A.

Ryan Bauman
Director of Community for Our Community Salutes U.S.A.
Website Address: www.ourcommunitysalutes.org

Short company description:

Our Community Salutes (OCS) is a national, non-profit organization helping communities recognize, honor and support high school seniors who plan to enlist in the U.S. Armed Services after graduation.

What Is Your Why (Why Do You Do What You Do)?

I get to help others along their own pathways to achieve their success and witness tangible results. I get a lot of personal joy celebrating the success and wins of people that I come in contact with.

How did you get started in your field or work?

Networking and conversation with other Veterans doing really awesome work.

What’s one thing we should know that makes you or your company unique?

We’re the only organization celebrating our new enlistees through a community-based approach.

How can veterans utilize the services offered at your agency?

Veterans can volunteer in their communities to help lead, organize, and support an OCS event.