“5 Minutes With” with Lloyd Brown and Genet Tulgetske of Friendly Local Game Store

Each week on 5 Minutes With, our host Jessica Cone talks to buzz worthy people about buzz worthy things. This week on The Buzz, Jessica talks to Lloyd Brown and Genet Tulgetske of Friendly Local Game Store.

Lloyd: “FLGS is the largest game store in Jacksonville. We are a full-service game store carrying miniatures, role-playing games, collectible card games, board games, and toys. We have gaming space in store for more than 70 players.”

Jessica Cone better known as “Veemon-Tamer” in the gaming community is a professional graphic designer, artist, typical nerd, and gamer from the 904! She has found much success in her chosen profession of art and gaming. Jessica has participated in various charity art events and has done official work for gaming company Bandai Namco’s Digimon Fusion card game. In 2015 she entered the competitive gaming scene via Super Smash Bros WiiU and landed a 1-year sponsored contract with an eSports org. Jessica has been featured on various media outlets including but not limited to Why Nots, UPSers.com, and Channel 4 News: Positively Jax.

Jessica owns her own business Vee Art Studios! A gaming and art based freelance operation that also that doubles as a charity organization.15% of all sales go towards the Vee Art Studios Outreach Program, A program dedicated to empowering struggling youth interested in digital art by providing them with encouragement, support, and the computer hardware and software needed to get started free of charge! You can catch Jessica at various fighting game tournaments and conventions as well as streaming games and art on Twitch!