“Ask The Attorney” with Lintera Harvin, Law Offices Of Lintera Harvin

Each week on Ask The Attorney, our host Steve Strum talks to attorneys and asks them questions he already knows the answers too. This week on the show, Steve talks to Lintera Harvin from the Law Offices of Lintera Harvin. Lintera’s Law firm is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs & small business owners to be proactive in protecting their business through our subscription service.

With our innovative subscription plans, you pay one monthly fee and have immediate access to our attorneys and network of industry professionals when you need them. Each subscriber goes through an onboarding process where we examine your business in-depth, identify your legal needs, stack them in priority, then help you select the best subscription for your needs. We ensure the plan fits your needs, your resources, and your business goals.

To learn more, visit www.lineraharvin.com