BUZZ TV – “Legacy of Leaders” with Robby Hayes, Rebella Creative Agency

Each week on “Legacy of Leaders,” Alan Vinson interviews Jacksonville’s most interesting people who are doing great things with great style. Encouraging audiences to “find what suits you,” this week Alan spoke to Robby Hayes, a contestant on the Bachelorette and owner off Rebella Creative Agency

Alan is the owner of JT Vinson Clothiers in Jacksonville, FL. Alan has over 20 years of experience making custom clothing and advising CEO’s, celebrities, attorneys, business executives and all other kinds of entrepreneurs on what to wear and how to dress.

Alan has two kids, Brody, age 21, and Jordin, age 19. Alan is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelors in Advertising and Communications. Alan also serves on the Mayor’s Advisory Board for Film and Television. His work takes him all over the state, working with some 1,200 clients from Miami to Pensacola. In addition, Alan acts as a consultant to other custom clothiers in technology and business development.