Eccella Smiles Equals Excellence

With their root word meaning to excel, Eccella Smiles provides excellence in dentistry that continuously exceeds their client’s expectations. Dr. Wagner and his staff have unmatched credentials and quality care using the latest and greatest modern dental technology. The team’s mission statement is to create life-changing experiences by ensuring all patients receive the highest level of service. Eccella Smiles offers a wide range of VIP treatments, which include outstanding dental care, sports performance, skin and wellness. Whether clients are seeking a simple cleaning or an entire mouth reconstruction, Dr. Wagner and his team delivers the most exceptional health and smiles in the Jacksonville Beach area.

Dentistry is redefined through the staff’s advanced techniques. The team of professionals at Eccella Smiles work together to prevent, diagnose, and treat a variety of dental conditions before they cause permanent damage to a patient’s smile. Eccella Smiles strive to have their clients look as great as they feel after every visit. Top-of-the-line cosmetic services are offered alongside health treatments to build a complete package for future and current clients. Innovative treatments such as TMJ therapy puts confidence back into a patient’s well-being, while teeth whitening reinforces a positive self-image for the patient. Dr. Wagner is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable professional who shares his passion through his expertise. Visit the experts at Eccella Smiles in Jacksonville Beach for high-quality dental and related care.

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