J.T. Vinson Clothiers – What’s great about custom made?

By: Alan Vinson

We have finally arrived at a day where a man can have a suit made for about the same amount of investment as an equivalent quality suit purchased off the rack.  While we have been talking about this for years, the newest innovations of technology and fine tailoring have truly made this value proposition a no-brainer.  Why wouldn’t you have a hand in designing your own suits and shirts with the help of a professional designer/tailor?  As Zig Ziglar is so fond of saying about people who try to save a little money by purchasing a cheaper product:  “In the end, the good costs less.”

There is inherently much more quality built into a suit that is custom designed for a specific person not to mention all of the “bells and whistles”.  From functional buttons (surgeon’s cuffs) on the sleeves to fancy linings and all kinds of custom pockets to accommodate an iPhone, iPad, a passport or even a concealed weapon in the jacket.  I even made a coat for a magician who had some special pockets created for doing his illusions!  Yes, custom clothes really are better than off the rack clothes (by far) and yet they don’t cost more.  In fact, often times because of our “no inventory model”, you may actually pay less than you would for some designer label featuring the same quality of construction we put into every suit.  Each suit is an individual creation.  An expression of form and function and your unique preferences.  You aren’t settling for what is hanging there in your size, you are creating something that is uniquely yours starting from scratch each time.  The result is a suit that fits you and only you, and no one in the world has one exactly like it!  And you’re sure to get lots more compliments from the ladies.

Check out information about custom-made suits – www.jtvinson.com