Jax Filipino Chefs take over Blue Bamboo and what a night it was!


I love Pop-Up Dinners, they are seldom boring, so when I learned that JAX Filipino Chefs were taking over Chef Dennis Chans restaurant Blue Bamboo I knew it was a must-attend event. One of the few cuisines I have had little exposure to, it was an opportunity to learn and experience.

The chef line up was  comprised of the top Filipino American chefs in Jacksonville:

John Magsino of Preserved,  JoJo Hernandes, The Florida Yacht Club,  Melanie Cuartelon, Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa,  Leni Rose Magsino,  Valley Smoke Restaurant, Wesley Noguiera , Khole’s Kitchen,  and James Victorino, One Ocean Resort, and Spa. In addition to this amazing line up of talent,  proceeds will benefit The Neurosurgery Outreach Foundation’s support for the Emergency Patient Care Fund.

Let me take you on the journey;   The Amuse Bouche a Sisig Terrine presented by Chef John Magsino,  I do know Sisig and am quite fond of the sizzling pork dish. This presentation paired the meat with lemongrass, Slim Picking Peach Cider, Suka Pickled Florida Datil Peppers that added a pop of heat elevating this already tasty dish to another level.

Sisig Terrine

Next up a stunning presentation by Chef JoJo Hernandez, Seafood Sinigang. For the uninitiated people like me, Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour and savory taste most often associated with tamarind. A colorful combination of Butter Prawns, Vermillion Snapper, homegrown (Lola’s) Vegetables teased the taste buds with new flavors.

Seafood Sinigang

The second offering by Chef Melanie Cuartelon; Tocilog, typically a Filipino breakfast dish, but may be served at any time of day. Copped chicken thighs, Congree and Penn, Crispy Garlic Fried Rice, with Soft Boiled Egg half. The flavors were for me perfectly balances, I definitely will search for this dish in the future.


A little break brought us to the Ice Candy Duo a creation from Chef Leni Rose Magsino. A delicate looking dish that hid the flavors within. A Melon and Buko ( baked young-coconut), Iced Candy alongside a disk of Duhat Wine, Compressed Watermelon; I looked at the dish in wonder, who knew fruit could be made magical?

Ice Candy Duo

Getting close to the end were delighted by the Adobo Braised Short Ribs presented to us by  Chef Wesley Nogueira. A sauce of vinegar, garlic and soy sauce, adobo is a favorite dish in the Philippines and was the base for Black Garlic Soubise or Onion Sauce, Puffed Purple Rice and XO Vinaigrette. A stunning savory dish, left me wanting more.

Adobo Braised Short Rib

Our last offering of the evening Leche Flan created for us by Chef James Victorino. A perfect portion after many courses was totally what my friend and I were looking for. Toasted Sesame Streusel, Fried Coconut Curd (latka) Strawberry Espuma. One of the best Flan dishes I have ever experienced.

Leche Flan

Hands down, the best dining experience I have attended this year. If you were ever curious about Filipino food, you now have the means to educate yourself. Click on the link above and like the page, to get notifications of upcoming events. Hope to see you there.