“5 Minutes With” Kathy Belletty from Inspirio Enterprises Inc.

Each week on “5 Minutes With” our hosts interview experts in the media world. This week, Mike White talks with Kathy Belletty from Inspirio Enterprises. Inspirio is a full-service admissions and marketing firm in New York.

Company: Inspirio Enterprises Inc.

Website Address: Http://inspirio.ai

So tell us a little bit about experience and what customers you worked with.

So Inspirio Enterprises, we’re actually a marketing and admissions consulting firm. You’ll never find both of them together. Sometimes you see a marketing firm by itself or an admissions — consulting, but we actually have it combined. So I predominantly help with the admissions processes, because when you think about admissions, sales, marketing, and conversions are all in line with each other. So I actually helped them increase enrollments to all different types of practices. There are so many schools out there that have been open for a long time but they realize that their enrollments are really not increasing. And then we work with a lot of clients across states that have brand new schools. So we’re working with totally different owners and campus presidents who are right at the beginning point of, “Ok, I have a school. How do I build it? How do I get students? What are the different processes that go into it?.” So that’s where I come in.

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