“Jax Leaders: Secrets to Success” with Kelly Noda from Proactive Life Skills LLC

Each week on “Jax Leaders: Secrets to Success”, our host, Jessica Franzini, talks to Leaders from around the city about their secrets to success. This week, Jessica spoke to Kelly Noda from Proactive Life Skills LLC.

Kelly Weedon Noda has more than a decade of teaching experience as a secondary English teacher for the Diocese of St. Augustine, an adjunct instructor at UNC-C and Virginia College, and a teacher of exceptional student education (life & social skills) for two local private autism schools.

To learn more, visit https://www.proactivelifeskills.org.

What do you feel are your key personal factors for your success?: I’m very passionate about problem solving and an extreme extrovert.

What is the biggest mistake you would tell your younger self to avoid?: It’s ok to change your mind. Make decisions from strength and not fear.

Do you have a mentor and do you feel it is important to have one?: I have several mentors for business, for practice and life. It’s very important to lean on others and use your network to build knowledge and experience.

Is there a book you can recommend that would be valuable to read for someone starting out in business?: I really love Aubrey Daniels, a pioneer in organizational behavior management. And the classic E-Myth.

How do you achieve balance between your professional life and personal life?: I’m kind to myself when things our off balance. Perfect balance is a myth. But I make sure I carve out time for self care, which is meal prep, exercise and sleep. And I do things I enjoy with family so it builds the bond and accomplishes quality time spent. Most importantly, I plan activities to help us be in the present moment.