Nudo Restaurant bringing a taste of Vietnamese food to San Jose

The latest addition to San Jose is a family owned and operated Vietnamese food paradise in a city where Vietnamese food is hard to come by. Service was top notch, clean interior lines; minimal decorations present a calming atmosphere. A robust menu tempts the diner with delightful images, and the food looks as good when it appears at your table.


Flipping through the menu, you will find an assortment of soups, rice dishes, noodles,  curry, appetizers plus a variety of cold drinks and desserts. Everything we looked at we wanted making it challenging to choose, so we decided from dishes we had not had before. We started with Fried Sugarcane Prawns; three plump shrimp impaled on sugarcane skewers topped with cilantro, scallions, and pickled carrots. These looked better than the menu picture and tasted divine. Once the prawn is gone, you can munch on the sugarcane until the next dish arrives.

Sugar Cane Prawn
Sugarcane Prawn

The Pan Fried Rice Cake with Egg tickled our fancy, and it proved to be the right choice.  The cake cooked until crispy then added to scrambled eggs flavored with scallion plus crisp cold julienne mix of house-pickled carrots, and daikon. The fried rice cakes are a far departure of those crisps that come straight from the package, still crunchy but flavorful.

Pan Fried Prawns

For our last choice, we agreed to share the Wonton Soup, loaded with minced pork, crab sticks plus Yu-Choy, a green leafy vegetable used in Chinese and South-east Asian cooking, and the plumpest still intact wontons ever, all swimming in a delightfully rich broth. The single serving was more than ample for us to share.

Wonton Soup
Wonton Soup
The perfect Wonton

We were well pleased with every aspect of our visit, service, ambiance, and most importantly the food, and for us well worth the drive across town.